What is Glocal Mission?

Many are asking, What is Glocal Mission and how does this relate to LINC?  Read below to learn how LINC Houston is making disciples, training leaders and helping to multiply churches locally and globally.

Glocal Mission lies at the heart of everything LINC Mission Director, Rev. David Kim, is and does.

Some churches focus only on domestic/local missions, while others focus only on overseas/international missions. However, Pastor Kim believes the biblical mandate, and God’s desire, is to make disciples of all nations and people next door locally and by going to all tongues, tribes and nations globally.

It is not a new concept but something that is already reflected in Scripture, specifically Matt. 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8. Glocal is a fusion of two words: Global and Local. Glocal Mission simply means reaching the unreached with the Gospel and making disciples of all nations locally and globally.

With a stunning amount of ethnic diversity, North America is the number one mission field in the world, with more nationalities represented. In fact, in our very own cities we have massive mission fields.

“The mission field is right where we are living,” he says, “right in our own backyards.”

Pastor Kim defines the mission field in the following way, “Every heart without Christ is a mission field, while every heart with Christ is a missionary by vocation.”

He raised a LINC Congolese/Pan-African congregation as an example of how we can accomplish Glocal Mission.

“By partnering and reaching Congolese people at home in Houston, they themselves can take the Gospel back to their home countries and to their own language group,” he said.

On July 22nd, Pastor David visited the Congolese church to celebrate a year’s worth of mission in the city.

The church began last year with 25 members and was looking for a place to worship. Working with LINC, Pastor Austin Tshibangu and his congregation were able to partner with Rev. Bauer and Pilgrim Lutheran Church to have a consistent facility in which to offer worship services. Now, God has blessed them with exponential growth, with 80+ people worshipping every Sunday.

Pastor Kim said, “It is so fun and easy to reach and make disciples of all nations right here and right now utilizing the resources God has given to His church!”

“You don’t have to speak their language,” he adds. “Our role is to facilitate and resource, and their job is to reach their own people and make them into disciples, leaders, and missionaries by vocation.”

For Pastor Kim and LINC Houston, all of this is possible because of “churches around the city partnering with us financially and through prayer. Our God indeed is a Glocal-Missionary God!”

To learn more about Glocal Mission, and to see how your church can get involved, contact Rev. David Kim.

Update to post: Glocal Mission is now an independent mission organization that was launched out from LINC. 

Overcoming the 3 basic challenges to Urban Mission Work

by: Mark Junkans - Executive Director

There are some basic challenges to urban mission work that are universal.  This is how LINC is working to overcome those challenges and build a growing network of organizations and ministries to reach and restore our cities.


We the church have been given a mandate by our Lord Jesus Christ. That is, to make disciples of everyone everywhere.

Everywhere we look, there are people who don’t yet know how much God loves them. They haven’t heard the Good News that Jesus died for their sins so they may have peace with God. Instead, they try to make it in this world as best they can. And this world can be a very difficult place, causing many to lose hope.

Because of wide-scale poverty, families in our urban communities struggle to even put food on the table. Children grow up in neighborhoods where the streets have more influence on them than their parents and teachers. Families struggle to stay together and most children grow up without a single positive role model.

Immigrant families struggle in much the same way. Language barriers, lack of education and higher-level job skills make attaining a well-paying career extremely difficult. Most piece together multiple part-time jobs, which leave little time for their families and provide very little money to sustain them.

People from everywhere around the globe now live in our cities, and they bring with them their own cultures, beliefs and values. The city is a challenging mission field to say the least. But this is the mission field where LINC has been called by God to focus all of our efforts, the communities that are the most unreached and underserved by our supporting denomination, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

We wanted to figure out a way to effectively do mission work in Houston and begin to multiply into new communities, knowing that there is always a limited amount of resources available to do so.

We also wanted to expand our ministry into new cities where the same challenges are present, but in order to do this well, we first had to figure out how to overcome three basic challenges.

These are the:

  1. Challenge of Impact
  2. Challenge of Sustainability
  3. Challenge of Scale.


When most people think of ministry in the city, they think of charity work and service projects.

But charity work among the destitute actually serves a very small percentage of individuals in the city who are unable to function normally in society. The vast majority of the poor throughout our city don’t fall into this category of needing charity. Instead, they need empowerment and opportunity.

Service projects by outside groups are a tremendous blessing to people like the elderly and those who are truly helpless. The problem is that most of the projects that outside groups come to do in the city actually take initiative away from proud and able -bodied individuals who could learn to do these things for themselves. Instead of helping people fix their situation, it helps keep them there waiting for the next handout.

Most service projects create a lot of good will among the volunteers, but make very little lasting positive impact in the local community.

And possibly the biggest challenge for the church, is that we’ve come to equate relief work with mission work.

Let’s look at what mission work is: To take the message of Jesus Christ to places where the His kingdom of grace isn’t yet established. In its narrowest terms, every heart without Jesus is a mission field.

The outcomes for all mission work ultimately results in new disciples and new churches. At LINC, we seek to accomplish these outcomes by training new leaders for ministry who plant new churches that reach, impact and transform their communities with the Gospel of Christ.  We believe that this focus provides the best potential Kingdom impact in our communities.

The outcomes for all mission work ultimately results in new disciples and new churches.


Another challenge to work in the city is sustainability. Usually the communities that need the most focus and attention also have the fewest financial resources.

In low-income communities, families often live day to day or week to week, not knowing where the money will come from for tomorrow. When whole communities are living in survival mode, it's extremely difficult to sustain even basic services without outside assistance.

Mission work in these communities faces the same challenges. Outside resources are invested into new mission work in an new community. When those resources eventually go away, that mission is typically left unsustainable and struggles to even survive. In fact, most don’t, and that community is left without a mission presence until the next outside group rallies the resources to start new work. This cycle repeats itself over and over until the residents stop trusting any new work, and outside supporters stop believing that their contributions will actually make a lasting impact.

By focusing on the development of local leaders who can properly leverage their own resources, we know that our work will be more sustainable. A missionary leader who learns to develop the resources God has put in front of him primarily needs the proper training, coaching and incentives to do the work they’ve been called to do. That is precisely what LINC provides in order to create a sustainable mission field.

The opposite approach to this is to pay local leaders using outside funds for the pastoral and mission work they do.  We believe that this model is unsustainable and actually undercuts the mission's goal of stewardship and development of local assets.

By focusing on the development of local leaders who can properly leverage their own resources, we know that our work will be more sustainable.


Because of the unique challenges in each community, a ministry model that works in one location rarely replicates itself into another. It typically takes such an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity just to make something become effective and sustainable that the idea of scaling or multiplying is unfathomable. That, or we try to scale ideas prematurely with little success.

LINC has been working in the city of Houston for 14 years, and has helped other LINC organizations begin around the country. This isn’t based on a single model that is difficult to replicate, but on the basis of principles that are universal to mission work in the City.

The first principle is that the main goal of all mission work is to make disciples, who in turn make disciples. The second principle is that planting new churches is the primary means of making new disciples, through the Means of Grace, Christ’s Word and Sacrament. The third principle is this, that mission work is best done through local leaders who are indigenous to that community. The fourth principle is that work in the city must be holistic in nature in order to truly be impactful. In other words, that community transformation should be an intended outcome of all urban church planting.

Because of the unique challenges in each community, a ministry model that works in one location rarely replicates itself into another.

We’re now doing everything with the end-goal of multiplication. Multiplication of disciples, ministry leaders, churches and community transformation work here in the cities like Houston where LINC already works, and into new cities across the world.

We’re networking leaders on a local and a national level for encouragement and the sharing of best practices. We’re producing programs and materials that are teachable and reproducible in every community. Finally, we’re building a back-end system and replication model for launching LINC ministries in new cities.

Only by God’s grace are we able to move forward so that more lives and communities will be transformed by the power of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

That God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have everlasting life.

Rice University Students Partner with LINC

Rice University students spend their Spring Break with LINC

Spring break is a time when most college students are thinking about having fun and relaxing from all their hard work in school. A group of Christian students from Rice university decided that they would use their Spring break to make a difference in the lives of fellow Houstonians. Led by Pastor Raul from the Chinese Houston Church, these students visited almost a dozen LINC mission sites throughout the week to assist in spreading the Good News of Jesus.

One of those locations was the University of Houston where LINC operates a Campus Ministry primarily to International Students. Below is a message from Dr. Johnson Petta, the Director of our Campus Ministry at UH.

Johnson Petta - UH Campus Ministry Director

March 4, 2015

Students pray before going out to share the Gospel with University Students.

Students pray before going out to share the Gospel with University Students.

We had a delightful "warm up" session with students and their pastor Jason this afternoon before our big day tomorrow to unleash "God's Spirit of Grace" on the campus through prayer and evangelism.  There was an eruption of "excitement and evangelical zeal" as Pastor Raul Rodriguez concluded his rousing challenge to the students to heed the 'fierce urgency of now' to share the "Gospel of Love" with the campus students of our University and to pray for God to ignite an unprecedented revival on the campus that can spark a "Great Awakening" in the Houston Metropolis where every soul will be consumed in the outpouring of God's saving Grace!

Pastor Raul further shared that the the time is now to 'widen the field of our vision' that encompasses Rice University campus by joining forces with Rice University students and the Chinese Houston Church in organizing more of such "cross campus evangelistic outreach" events in the these two colossal mission fields that are magnet to students the world over seeking to advance their academic and professional career goals. 

With a significant Chinese international student representation in our weekly fellowship groups, pastor Raul stated that our partnership with Chinese Houston Church would be a logical natural progress to foster a mutual cultural learning environment for more effective ministry among the Chinese students, who are the largest contingent of international students enrolled in our University's academic and research programs. He added that our crossing paths with this group of Chinese students visiting our campus is not a happenstance but part of a larger vision that God is challenging LCM to embrace by sharpening our focus on the international community on our campus that is expanding by leaps and bounds, unabated, each year. With the current rate of growth, about half of the campus community will constitute international students in the not-so-distant future.

Is the LCM prepared for such a massive demographic shift in terms of its ministry capabilities? I would say more than ever. In a break from the past, LCM is ministering to more international students than ever before. Christian students have become a minority, and that is a hallmark of our expanding international appeal.

LCM seeing increased connection with Muslim Students

In an atmosphere of deep mutual distrust between Christianity and Islam, more Islamic students are attending our fellowship groups than students of other faiths. It is a testament to our cultural knowledge, sensitivity and the irresistible genuine Christian warmth and care that continues to draw these students of Islamic faith searching for the Way, the Truth and the Life, despite the clear and present dangers of severe penalties and stringent religious proscription against such activities. 

Our campus ministers are second to none in terms of the gifts, experience, and cultural and Biblical knowledge that they bring to the ministry. With an undeniable mastery of effective relational skills,  and an uncommon diligence, devotion, energy and passion, the LCM team is poised to scale greater heights of mission successes on the campus and beyond. I appeal to all our parters to send our way more of your diligent prayers, words of encouragements, financial and material support to accomplish more for the Kingdom, with unreserved humility knowing that we are His servants and all Glory belongs to Him and Him only.

LINC National Leaders Gather in Dallas

Back Row: Brian Upton, Mark Junkans, Oscar Benavides, Dominic Rivkin, Ely Prieto, Aaron Putnam Front Row: Michael Newman, Tina Jaison, Scarlett Benjamin, David Kim

Back Row: Brian Upton, Mark Junkans, Oscar Benavides, Dominic Rivkin, Ely Prieto, Aaron Putnam
Front Row: Michael Newman, Tina Jaison, Scarlett Benjamin, David Kim

On February 10-12, Executive Directors from across the country gathered in Dallas at the LINC North Texas office.  Along with forming a national Association, these entrepreneurial leaders shared best practices, worked to build common language and vision as well as encouraged each other to do the hard work of reaching and restoring our cities to God.  

In attendance were: Brian Upton - Building Hope In The City, Mark Junkans - LINC Houston, Oscar Benavides - LINC NT, Dominc Rivkin - LINC Los Angeles, Aaron Putnam - San Francisco Bay Area, Michael Newman - Texas District LCMS, Tina Jaison - LINC Baltimore, Scarlett Benjamin - LINC Rochester, David Kim - LINC Houston, Haleh Kersten - LINC Austin (not pictured).

Look for good things to come from this and upcoming gatherings, as each organization continues to benefit from the synergy that comes from working together for a common purpose.

Texas Aggies Serve at Comunidad De Gracia

Seven Texas Aggies came to partner with Comunidad de Gracia this weekend.

Their job was to do a donation room make-over!!!!

 Everything OUT, Clean/Paint, Sort/throw-away, then everything BACK IN! These students who are from the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Texas A&M tackled the task with lots of enthusiasm and energy!

What a blessing they were to Communidad de Gracia!

Ventriloquist and Puppeteer Visits LINC Missions

It was our PLEASURE to have Ventriloquist/Puppeteer Karen Anders here in Houston this past week. She came all the way from Collinsville IL to share Jesus' love through puppets.

Karen (and her puppets, Chocolate, Brownie and Joy) were able to minister to 3 LINC Mission churches, to children of ESL students in Klein, to a large pre-school in Sugarland and to the children in "Jesus And Me" (J.A.M), a LINC children's program which meets in an apartment on Sunday evenings in Clear Lake. Wow!

God be praised for our safe travels all over the city of Houston, and for wonderful opportunities to spread the JOY and love of Jesus with many children and adults!

LINC Hosts Discipleship Catalyst Retreat

These mission leaders successfully completed Discipleship Catalyst training by Rev. Dr. David Kim at a retreat from January 1-3.

They have been empowered to go and make disciples of all nations! All participants left "fired up" to follow God's great commission to make DISCIPLES who will make disciples. One commented, "This is the BEST way to begin 2015!"

The NEXT Glocal Mission Discipleship Catalyst Training is June 25-27.

Save the date!

1 + 1 = 1

(One LINC Partnering Church + One LINC Mission Church = One Successful VBS Day!!)

Rev. Stephen DeMik (St.John, Cypress) had orchestrated and planned a one-day VBS to be held on July, 12, 2014, in an apartment complex near LINC Mission Pastor George Adegboye's church in Southwest, Houston (Fellow Citizens In Christ). BUT, at the last minute, the apartment had an unexpected meeting arise, and had to cancel. After all the planning, this was disappointing news!  Rev. DeMik did not want to cancel VBS, so he prayed and contacted an apartment complex near his church in Cypress, and quickly distributed fliers to invite children to come. He also invited Pastor George's church members/children to come to enjoy the VBS in Northwest Houston.  

"God had a completely different plan than we had," Pastor DeMik said, "but we are thankful for the opportunity we had to shine for Jesus in our own neighborhood!"  Pastor George's church members were blessed by this event even though, for them, it took place in a far-away neighborhood. "This is what the body of Christ is meant to be!" Pastor George said. "We who have been blessed with God's love are to share it with those who have never or barely heard this Good News! We are called to make disciples of all nations and all neighborhoods! It was a joy to be in mission together with St. John Lutheran Church in Cypress whether it was in our neighborhood or theirs." 

According to LINC Church Planter, David Wray, the members of St. John did a beautiful job of sharing the message of the cross and Jesus love with all the participants. He was very impressed with the way the Gospel was presented to the children. He observed that so much can be accomplished in one day if it is well organized. David remarked,  "Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we think we need to plan a whole week of VBS, I think it would be fantastic if more of our LINC Partner churches would do more single day events like this to support and encourage our LINC Mission churches! These could even be done on any given Saturday throughout the year, not just in the summer."  

Jesus said, " The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest fields."  

                                                                              Matthew 9:37-38

We welcome more harvesters!! Please contact us!!

For more information about LINC Houston mission opportunities/needs, please contact:

Rev. David Kim, LINC Mission Director 

713-494-3127  davidkim@linchouston.org

Dorinda Werner, LINC Mission Service Coordinator 

618-593-1419  dorinda@linchouston.org

Spreading Some Christmas Cheer

Students sorting canned goods for the food pantry at CDG.

Students sorting canned goods for the food pantry at CDG.

Monday, December 16, 2013--- Students from  Lutheran South Academy gave a helping hand at the mission church, Comunidad de Gracia (CDG). They cleaned the worship space, the food pantry, the gardens around the church, and even some storage spaces.

The students, their parents, and their teachers have teamed up with CGD to help make it a stronger community. The students spent all morning helping out the church get ready for their Christmas Services. 

Taking a break from sorting to pose for a picture.

Taking a break from sorting to pose for a picture.

The students, parents, and teachers split into different groups in order to get the most possible work done. CDG just remodeled their food pantry, so many of the students we're given the task of painting, building shelves, organizing food and toiletries, and sweeping. Other students we're given the task of yard work and pulling out weeds. Some helped shine up all the pews in the church. Others were on the decorating committee and helped put up Christmas trees. 

The Christmas tree donated to CDG from Lutheran South Academy.

The Christmas tree donated to CDG from Lutheran South Academy.

This year the students chose to donate a decorated tree to CDG. It was placed in the main worship area. The students made the ornaments and decorations for it as well.

The boys and girls were laughing and giggling through all their hard work, which made us think that they we're really working at all... but in the end the space was shiny and full of love and cheer.

CGD thanks all the students, their parents and teachers for all the help in making this Christmas extra special and bright. 

Huskers in Houston

How did most college students spend their spring break?  If you listen to the media, you may think that they all spent the week on the beach partying.  25 students from the University of Nebraska chose to spend their time serving others in urban Houston instead.

This amazing group of servants plunged headfirst into cross-cultural learning, out of the ordinary experiences and service to the community.  The amazing thing about it is, they never complained (not much anyway.)

We are so grateful for their time, energy and commitment to the ministry of Jesus in the community.

Below is a slideshow of the group in action.

New Mission Work Begins in Pasadena

Casa De Oracion core group excited to tour LINC's Pasadena Mission Center.

Casa De Oracion core group excited to tour LINC's Pasadena Mission Center.

On March 10, a new Spanish language mission congregation of LINC Houston began meeting at our Pasadena Mission Center. This small and young congregation, led by Pastor Jose Flores from Argentina, is excited about beginning work to reach and restore the Pasadena community. Pastor Guevara plans to continue his theological studies through LINC's partnership with Concordia Seminary through the Center for Hispanic Studies.

Youth Disprove Common Perceptions

"Today's youth are only concerned about themselves," is what many would say.  That's not how Pastor John Ojode would describe the youth from Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  On Saturday, March 2, this group of energetic young people from Pilgrim partnered with Adelphos Bible Church in Third Ward to bless the community through service and outreach.  Steven Krueger, Pilgrim's Director of Christian Education, also wouldn't describe the youth of his church in positive terms.  Steven helped organize this project along with LINC's staff, proving once again that his youth are ready to serve others.


Pilgrim youth serve by painting the outside of a neighbor's home.

Throughout this struggling but proud community just south of downtown Houston, many families work hard just to survive.  

With a median household income of just 

$26,488, most residents of this 

historic African American

 community live with barely enough money to put food on the table.  Especially challenging for Third Ward's elderly population is the task of maintaining their aging homes.  That is why LINC's service projects in Third Ward area typically include home repair and maintenance.


A BBQ brings together community members and neighbors.

The Youth group from Pilgrim Lutheran Church joined together with the people of Adelphos Bible Church to reach out to their community by offering a FREE Barbeque, going door-to-door handing out fliers about Adelphos and the God who loves them, and helping an elderly neighbor to repaint their home.  They were not only able to use their energy to bless the community, but also to help Pastor Ojode send a message of hope to those around him, a message that God loves them and cares about their well-being.

Pilgrim's Youth Group is already planning their next service event in May, and will continue serving the community all year long.  To us, this helps prove our theory that today's youth are simply waiting for the opportunity to make a difference in the world around them by putting their faith into action. 

Read a previous article about Adelpohs Church.

Congolese Church Finds Home with LINC & Pilgrim Lutheran Church

ECJC features lively worship. In this photo, Silvan, a young worship leaders calls as the congregation responds.

ECJC features lively worship. In this photo, Silvan, a young worship leaders calls as the congregation responds.

When is the last time you danced in church? While many of us could never imagine dancing during the offering or for a twenty minutes in the middle of a church service, for Augustine Tshibangu and his Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ (ECJC) congregation this is an every Sunday form of celebration and praise. 

Tshibangu, a church planter from the Congo, is the leader of a vibrant and growing body of Congolese and Central African worshippers in southwest Houston. Reaching out to refugees and immigrants from the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic and other African countries such as Rwanda and Burundi Tshibangu hopes to bring reconciliation, healing and the Gospel of Jesus to Houston. 

"We are ambassadors" Tshibangu told his congregation, "we are to bear the message and victory of Jesus to the people of Houston, our neighborhood, our families."

For several years Tshibangu and his people floated from home-to-home, building-to-building ministering to the people of Central Africa in Houston. Now, partnering with LINC Houston and Pilgrim Lutheran Church, the ECJC community has grown to worship around 70 people each Sunday.

Featuring a vibrant worship led by call and response, hand drums and an acoustic guitar their worship services are distinctly energetic. Frequently, the church service is punctuated by calls of "Hallelujah" from their worship leader Silvan, to which the worshippers respond with "Amen!" or "God is great!" 

The church service is also interrupted by people coming and going, arriving when they can after struggling to find a ride to church. 

"Now that we have a facility we are blessed" said Tshibangu, "but we desperately need transportation for our families. Many of them have to take public transport or walk to church. It is difficult to get to church for many of our people." 

The congregation is made up of people from all over Central Africa and the Congo Basin. Worship is lead in Swahili, French, Kinanga and English.

The congregation is made up of people from all over Central Africa and the Congo Basin. Worship is lead in Swahili, French, Kinanga and English.

He asked that LINC and its supporters help find a van for the church to use for Sunday mornings and other ministries. 

"We desperately need one" said Tshibangu. 

Despite the challenges of learning English, finding transportation and frequently moving locations the ECJC is up to the challenge and they plan on growing and reaching more people. They are a congregation of smiles and excitement and throughout the service when asked if they are happy they raise their hands to wave and shout "Hallelujah, God is great!"

Fivetwo Wikiconference

Mark Junkans, LINC Houston Executive Director speaking about three challenges for the Western Church.LINC Houston collaborated with other ministries around the country at the 2011 Wikiconference.  This amazing three day event was generously hosted by Crosspoint Community Church in Katy, TX.  You can find photos of this conference on the fivetwo facebook page.  

Rev. Mark Junkans, LINC's Executive Director addressed the conference in a keynote address that spoke to the need for the church in the west to address the issues of cultural, religious and socio-economic changes happening all around us.  Rev. David Kim, LINC's Mission Director, co-led a multi-ethnic church track with Mark DeYmaz. This important track taught how to lead a multi-ethnic church as well as train leaders for missions from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures.  

Various LINC missionaries were also present with their leadership teams, collaborating with church leaders from around the country.  We are praying that being a part of this network will enable LINC Houston to better learn from and train church leaders, congregations and ministries around the country.

Check out the FiveTwo Network website at http://www.fivetwo.com.  

LINC Music School

Are you interested in becoming a musician or even a worship leader in your church?  Sign up today for LINC Music School. Download English Brochure and Spanish Brochure.

Spring Schedule

Spring 1 (8 weeks)(No Class Easter week)

March 01 2011 — May 01 2011

Spring 2 (8 weeks)

May 03 2011 - June 26 2011


LINC Music School is committed to empowering worship leaders of LINC Mission and Partner congregations and leaders from the multi-ethnic communities in Houston for the service of Kingdom both in their respective local churches and communities with their musical talents and giftedness

Course Schedule


Theory-beginner Fundamental music theory and sight reading 7:00 – 7:50 PM 

Guitar-advance Group guitar for advance 7:00 – 7:50 PM 

Voice –beginner Group voice for beginner 7:00 – 7:50 PM

Theory-advance Advance music theory and song writing 8:00 – 8:50 PM

Guitar-beginner Group guitar for Beginner 8:00 – 8:50 PM

Voice –advance Group voice for advance 8:00 – 8:50 PM


Guitar-advance Group guitar for advance 3:30 – 4:20 PM 

Guitar-beginner Group guitar for Beginner 3:30 – 4:20 PM 

Voice –advance Group voice for advance 3:30 – 4:20 PM

Praise band LINC international praise worship band 4:30 – 5:20 PM 

Private lesson ( each session)

Private lesson - Guitar

Private lesson – Voice

Private lesson – Violin

Private lesson – piano/synth

Private lesson – Bass

Private lesson – Drum

Leadership Training

LINC leaders visit the International Center with with other students from the Center for Hispanic Studies.Luke 10:2 (New International Version)

He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

“Everything lies and falls on Leadership” (John Maxwell). We believe that an intentional leadership development process can multiply glocal-missional leaders. It is absolutely crucial to have leaders to plant new missions/ministries in the vast mission field of Texas and beyond.

LINC has a “farm system” for equipping and sending of new missionary pastors, church planters, and deaconess for the mission field.

LINC Leadership Process (Acts 19:8-10):

Pre-seminary level training:

30 men and women are currently enrolled for three years in intensive Biblical and Theological courses. Instituto Biblico LINC had their first graduation with 9 students and new class begins on August 25 at LINC Mission Center. The course will be Biblical Hermeneutics by Rev. David Kim

Seminary Training (Pastoral Ordination and Deaconness Program):

Concordia Seminary is sending a professor from the Center for Hispanic Studies to teach courses at the LINC  Mission Center.

There are 7 new and 8 returning candidates for CHS) through Concordia Seminary, St. Louis for a total of 15 seminary level students for this year.

For Pastoral Certification: Nelson Hernández,  Arturo Méndez, Antonio Mercado,  Alfredo Chávez, Armando Bárcenas

For Deaconness: Erica Jofre , Rosaura Martínez

Returning candidates: Albert Nieves, Silvia Velasquez, Edward Gil, Noemi Guerra, Senaida Gaytan, Marisela Casillas, Nelson Rodriguez, Perla Rodriguez

The training is not free. The total cost of all this training exceeds $80, 000 per year. Most of these students cannot afford the cost. If you want to adopt one of these students (Per course and per person the cost is $1,700), please feel free to contact at Rev. David Kim, Mission Director for LINC Houston, regional Coordinator for Concordia Seminary (Center for Hispanic Studies), St. Louis.

Glocal-Missional Leadership Institute coming soon. This is to meet the needs of practical training of all LINC Church Planters and missionary leaders. For more info: Contact Rev. David Kim, Mission Director

Hamara Desi Christmas 2010

Make plans to join LINC Houston on December 18th for an evening celebration of the Christmas season.

Hamara Desi Christmas Celebration is intended to celebrate Christmas with Indians of different religions and faiths.


For more information:

Vino Kingston - (281)806-4864 -  vino_king@hotmail.com

Rev. Vijay Gurrala -  vijay@linchouston.com

Dr.Robello Samuel - (832)275-8810 -  robellos@hotmail.com

Lifebridge Church Partners For Local Missions

Families line up for school uniforms and supplies.In July, Lifebridge Church partnered with the Eritrean Evangelical Church to bring Vacation Bible School to Los Arcos Apartments.  The beautiful children, most not English-speaking, caught the hearts of the adults who facilitated the VBS.

Los Arcos is one of several apartment complexes in the Houston area with a high concentration of refugees. Most refugee families come to America with only the clothes on their backs and cannot afford the cost of new uniforms for their children, which are required by the local schools. LifeBridge members came together and decided to make sure the children of Los Arcos are able to begin their very first school year in America with the right clothing. Using church funds earmarked for outreach and donations from lots of great people who could not be at the distribution but wanted to help, LifeBridge purchased clothes and school supplies. With the vital assistance of volunteers from the Eritrean Evangelical Church, St. John Lutheran in Cypress, Pilgrim Lutheran, Gloria Dei Lutheran, LINC, new friends - Nepali missionaries Abraham and Om Maya Tamang -  and the Los Arcos community, over 300 children and teens each received a package of underwear, a pack of socks, two pair of pants, two shirts and some school supplies. The purpose of the event was to begin an outreach in that community where lasting relationships can be developed with those new to our city.

Families of diverse nations, languages and faiths live in Los Arcos. Muslim, Hindu and many more sects and religions are represented. The mission field is right here in Houston!! One teen in line told Sasha, a Lifebridge volunteer that he doesn't believe in our God or in "this Jesus".  She was dismayed and responded to the young man that "God loves you anyway". A bit later, two Eritrean girls sought Sasha out and told her that the young man had asked them to find her. He wanted her to know that he DOES believe in Jesus and knows he is saved. He could not acknowledge that in front of his little brother because his parents would be very angry. Can you imagine being afraid to share the joy of our salvation in Jesus with your own family? How alone this brave teenager must feel at times!

LifeBridge leaders and members are prayerfully considering the next step God has planned for this partnership with LINC ministry leaders. Is your church ready to step out in "GLOCALMISSION" - globally local missions? Call us. We will help you find the right partner so that together you can impact our city with the Word of God, with the saving grace that is Jesus.

See Pastor David Kim's facebook album of the event.

Church Planting / Missions Advancement

Rev. Ben Gonzalez and FamilyWe’re just thrilled about what God is doing and will do through our already 20+ committed missionary leaders in the coming season, but also through the following new church planters or missionary leaders.

Please keep the following new LINC Church Planters (Pastors) or missionary leaders:

  • Rev. Ben Gonzales: LC-MS Ordained pastor, @Our Redeemer, Target audience: Multi-ethnic, English Speaking, currently having weekly Bible studies with 30+ people)
  • Pr. Ino Malespin: From Nicaragua, @Trinity, Klein, Target audience: Hispanic, Spanish Speaking, currently having Bible studies with 20+ people). He is a certified chaplain. He is a colloquy candidate.
  • Pr. Jimmy Irving: a colloquy candidate, Afro-American, English Speaking, Husband of Barbara Irving who is current LINC Board, Both of them are founders of Light of Faith Ministries / Project Lift.
  • Pr. Nelson Hernandez (Concordia Seminary Candidate, Hispanic, Spanish Speaking, House Church in His Apt. Complex (10 + people) and will plan to meet @Bethany as they grow up in numbers)
  • Jorge Mosqueda (LINC Bible Institute Pre-Seminary level training Student, @St. Mark, Target audience: Hispanic, Spanish Speaking)

Pr. David Kim is also working with the following three potential church planters by intentionally sharing the vision and mission strategies of LINC:

  • Dr. Johnson Petta: Asian Indian, Colloquy candidate
  • Abraham Tamang (Nepali Pastor)
  • Emanuel Agook (Sudanese Pastor, Cross-cultural and Muslim outreach trainer) 

Along with your incessant prayer on behalf of them, their respective families and ministries, any of your financial or ministerial support would also be greatly appreciated.

IBL - First Graduating Class

Francis Oenida Parada, Albert Jamil Nieves, María de Jesús Cabán, Perla Gil de Rodríguez Senaida, Lorena Gaytán, Noemí Guerra, María Estela Aguilera, Marisela Casillas, Mario Casillas The Instituto Biblico LINC celebrated its first graduation on Wed June 2, 2010 at the LINC Mission Center.  

Our special thanks goes to Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala (Director of Instituto Bíblico LINC), who put his extra time and hard effort for the sake of IBL administration and this successful graduation ceremony with collaboration of LINC missionary pastors and families.

Three students who are currently Concordia Seminary Students (CHS) are awarded by IBL honors for their academic excellency and responsibility. 1st honored place: Senaida Gaytán, 2nd:Noemí Guerra, and 3rd: Perla Gil de Rodríguez. 

Our LINC family is extremely proud of each and everyone of the below listed people and congratulate them at their successful completion of three year's Biblical and Theological Formation. Their academic commitment and disciplined effort have been tenacious and consistent.