St. Timothy Puts Faith Into Action

Volunteers Help Unload Donated Food.St. Timothy Lutheran Church put their faith into action this Sunday on behalf of LINC Houston.  At all three worship services, Pastor Steve Henze cut his sermon short and encouraged those in attendance to go out and purchase food to help stock LINC's food pantry.  Volunteers from a bible study fellowship along with St. Timothy Lutheran worked from 7 am until mid afternoon loading donated goods into a large trailer.  Throughout the morning and early afternoon, worship-goers came back with trunk-loads full of food and the trailer began to fill up.

At 3:30 pm, the trailer pulled up to the LINC Mission Center on West Road where volunteers were ready to unload it and begin to fill a room where the food would be sorted and made ready for distribution to the immediate community and other LINC mission sites.  After the work was all done, everyone joined hands in prayer led by Pastor Steve Henze and Pastor Lincon Guerra for the families receiving the food.  St. Timothy not only filled a trailer with food, but also collected donations of over $1,600 to help purchase more food as needed over the coming weeks.

Reducing hunger is one of the key components of LINC's strategy to impact the communities where we serve.  It is only the first step, however, in building sustainable communities where there are no longer needs that are unmet and where children and families learn to take advantage of every opportunity to make their community a great place to raise a family.  Connection to a local congregation like Centro Familiar Cristiano helps provide the spiritual and emotional support that is missing for so many individuals new to our society.

If your congregation would like to put your Faith Into Action, please contact us at LINC to learn how.